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un jour, je vais revisiter paris - il me manque.

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My neighbour is a special education teacher who deals with troubled children at an elementary.  She tries to help those who are at risk of being juvenile delinquents or who have not been provided with the same opportunities as most children in hopes of setting them down the right path in life.

As classes begin next week, she returned to her school to prepare her office and classroom.  There is a portable at the side of the school with a mural painted on it.  In the five years since it was painted, the rainbow coloured wall of inclusiveness and community has never been vandalized - that is, of course, until today.

Upon arriving at work, she noticed a swastika painted over the mural with some writing underneath.  Being Jewish, she was quite upset, but she left her car to go find the caretaker.  As her co-workers began arriving, they asked her why she wasn’t more distraught over the graffiti.  After having heard there was more to it than just the swastika, she decided to go look a second time.

Written on the wall was a hate crime.

Cussing her out for being Jewish and saying she should go back with the other Jews.  “Hitler is your best friends and you’ll die with the others.”  Her name was written.  It was directed at her.

You know the worst part?  The kids who wrote it were the ones she invested three years in.  She broke up a suicide pact.  She was able to get their funding for the graduation trip.  She was able to stop them from getting expelled when they set a house on fire.  And how do they pay her back?  With hate and ignorance.

It’s a twisted world and I’ll never get it.

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the top
the shorts
the flats
the sunglass

For the record, it goes Fit —> FR-S —> BMW M4 Coupe —> Tesla Model S —> Porsche 911 Carrera 4 —> G Class Mercedes —> Maserati Granturismo —> Audi R8 —> Private car collection

I really have this planned out.

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Whereas most people have regular goals, I have car goals

That’s where you judge your success based on the kind of car you can afford.

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